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Doing the Work

Advice about growing up and about staying out of trouble…for starters, growing up isn’t easy and it’s something that continually happens, regardless of whether or not we want it to happen. Life really isn’t a walk in the park, it’s … Continue reading

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Sometimes there’s sunshine, Other days there’s Northwest rain. In some ways it’s all predictable, And yet in others it’s all untamed. I wake and work and eat and sleep And then wake to do it all again. And when I … Continue reading

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The Things We Do Live Long After We Do

You don’t have to be an adult or of legal age to be a productive influence in someone’s life. Whether someone you know or someone you don’t know needs help, remember that the things we do live long after we … Continue reading

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The Power to Choose

One of the first steps toward doing better today is accepting that you have a choice in every decision you make in life. Understand that any bad karma you create will be by your own doing. We tend to blame … Continue reading

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In one of the programs that I have taken since my incarceration at 14 years old there was an experience shared that I would like to now share with you. It was a group discussion about why we did what … Continue reading

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What Warriors Do

To be honest with you I struggle a lot at times. I have my fears, my anxieties, my stresses, and to wake up every morning and be the best man I can possible be through God gets tiring. People annoy … Continue reading

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Drugs and Decisions

In 1993 I decided to change my life around, and get back onto a positive path. I worked hard at leaving the drugs alone, especially what we called ‘Crank’ back then. In a few short months I went from being … Continue reading

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