Truth about Murder

Taking a life is something that changes everything about who you are. The court stuff and prison, the way people look at you, the way they treat you, and the things they say about you. There is a feeling of guilt that is deep, way deep on the inside the real you, it feels like you are damaged beyond repair, like you could never do enough rights. I could save a hundred lives and still feel this emptiness because of the life I took. I never consider killing again. Murder never actually accomplishes anything, Taking a life cannot solve anyone’s problems it just creates more pain and hurt, damages families and communities forever, and sadly some never come back from that bitterness and despair. I held in my feelings for years because I didn’t trust any adult in my life I had been hurt as a child and couldn’t get over it, so I paid the price and that lead to murder. Find someone to share your thoughts with any adult in your life. You need to share; it is too much for a man to carry that burden by himself. I wish you the best and hope you find peace my friend.

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