Questions for the Men of RISE UP!

If you have specific questions, concerns, or topics that you would like the men who write for this blog to address, please let us know by leaving a reply in the space below. We will do our best to have a response on this site within a few days. Thank you for your interest and support!


8 Responses to Questions for the Men of RISE UP!

  1. joshua callaway (Roseburg High School) says:

    determination i lost it motivation also last night brought me hope though you guys are good people that did bad things thank you so much


  2. Dennis Zilar says:

    Hello, men. It’s Dennis from Lane County Detention YMC. I thought I’d give this a try and see how it works. If it’s what I hope it is we might be able to use this as a tool for our youth to continue the conversation with Rise Up! after they leave detention or the Phoenix Program. How often do you check the site and do you reply to specific writers? I’ll continue to check this site and wait for your reply.


    • inderbitzin says:

      Hi Dennis, it’s Michelle from OSU. Because the guys in OSP do not have access to the internet, all comments on the blog will come to me, and I will share them with the men of RISE UP! and get their responses. So, there will be a lag time, but I know the guys will be happy to reply to specific writers and comments. Doing it through the blog is a really good way to keep communication open while protecting the anonymity of the writers. As soon as a comment is posted, I get an email notification. I try to see the guys and check in about once a week, and I can always email them and forward any messages through their staff advisor in the prison. Please do encourage your youth to continue the conversation through the blog. I’m way behind on posting new content at the moment (with vacation and switching quarters at OSU, parents with health issues, etc.), but I will be getting back to it this week. I hope this is a useful forum for you and the youth.


      • Dennis Zilar says:

        Thanks, Michelle. I’ll get to work on getting the management here to okay me promoting the site to our kids both in detention and in the Phoenix Program.


  3. Anonymous says:

    My names AS I was in the detention center and Dennis had me writing you guys. You all helped so much thank you!


    • Dennis says:

      Hello, AS, I hope all is going well for you. I’m glad that you thought to come to the website and maybe keep in touch with the men from Rise Up! They are an excellent resource for you; especially if you feel like using again. Take care, Dennis


  4. Patrick Miller says:

    I work with the Side by Side group on campus at the U of O and we were hoping to come up and meet with the men of RISE UP or sit in on a RISE UP session like we did last year. We were wondering if there were any upcoming visits and if we could set this meeting up via this blog or should email someone else about this. Thank you for your help


    • inderbitzin says:

      Patrick, if you want to send me your contact information in a private email (my address is:, I will have James or one of the guys contact you. The RISE UP! meetings are on the first Tuesday of most months; they will be meeting tomorrow, but it’s obviously too late to get approval to get you in for that one. I’m not sure what group(s) they have scheduled for May, but they can tell you if that would work out.


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