Weathering the Storm

When I was young I remember thinking about and wondering if anyone cared. I just felt alone and it’s weird saying that because I had a decent family and always had everything I needed. But inside, I just felt alone and I didn’t understand life at all. I remember feeling like a nobody, wondering why I didn’t fit in, all those self-defeating thoughts that don’t serve any positive purpose. Everyone always told me I was popular, good looking, all the things that I didn’t relate to or see myself as being. I think the biggest issue, looking back now, was that I never talked with anyone about my thoughts or shared some of the sadness that was there. I had opportunities, but I just never opened up. Big mistake. Part of becoming a well-adjusted young man is seeking others out as a sounding board, asking for advice, listening and realizing that you’re not alone and that others are going through the same things as you. When you isolate yourself emotionally and just bottle things up you’re creating a toxic brew, trust me, I’ve been there and done that…If you keep doing something and it gets you nowhere, it might be time to buckle down and try something else. What might that be?

  • Ask yourself what you want out of life. Be realistic! Don’t start off by saying a rich movie star or something crazy.
  • List a few goals you can set to get yourself on the right path
  • Start practicing some self-control (don’t run from problems, part of growing up means tackling things head on and adapting as you go)
  • Incorporate a humble attitude (the world doesn’t owe us anything, it’s our job to create our own happiness)
  • Get your education, you’ll never understand how important it is until way down the road and you look back with regrets at having not taken it seriously.

Do you and don’t worry about the rest. Get your education, rebuild trust with your loved ones, get some job experience, etc. If you get frustrated with people not showing you respect or trusting you, take a second and remember that you did some damage and it’ll take a while to get those things back. Be patient. Work hard. Set a goal for yourself that before you act a fool you’ll pull an elder to the side and ask for some advice because as soon as you try to do things in the moment when you’re pissed it just goes bad. Take a deep breath. Your life matters my friend, and if you just weather the storm for a while and get to the point where you’re making wise choices things will get a lot better. Take care.

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