Dealing with Emotions

I had a real problem with dealing with my own emotions. My Dad taught me how to deal with just about anything, except for my emotions. I asked him one time about that, his response…”I don’t know how to deal with my own shit, how am I supposed to know how to deal with yours?” At the time I laughed, it dawned on me later that he was being serious. I fell into the BAD habit of using drugs to cope with mine, which just ended up making matters worse. So what do you do? What have you found that helps you to ‘center’ yourself? I have to isolate myself and crank up some music, so I can block out the world and focus on me. It is those little things that help to focus me, helps me keep on track. Without it, I get so wrapped up in whatever is going on that I lose track of what is important. Next thing you know you’re on your way to prison for life, or you are in trouble for whatever, or you just wake up wondering how life got to the place that it is in. Find what works for you, lock on to that, and use it. You might end up finding another method that helps later, use that one too! Get as many tools together as you can to make sure you’re heading the direction you want for YOUR life. After all, you’re the one in charge of where you are going. Make sure you get to a place you really want to go!


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