Getting Your Life Together

You need to quit trying to be an adult because your childhood years are important! Enjoy them, they don’t last long. Once adulthood sets in you’ll wish for the days of your younger years. We don’t think like that when we’re young, but you do as you get older. Don’t be skipping school with the boyfriend/girlfriend and doing shady things that will get you in trouble, especially when what I’m guessing you’re really trying to figure out is love and acceptance. I know you’re young and you’re just trying to figure out life, I understand that because I was there to not too long ago, but you have to practice self-control before things get too out of hand. A life in and out of detention centers, treatment centers, and prisons is not the life you want to gravitate towards. Believe me! This place is filled to the brim with people who coasted through life thinking they were invincible, thinking they could run and gun and just use and abuse people. It’s a lonely road and I promise you each and every one of these people regrets the road they chose. There’s a female prison in Wilsonville that’s packed full of women with the same story. They’ve lived fast, partied hard, and they’ve been abused by men who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about them other than the few minutes of pleasure that they provided. It’s sad. It really is. But the pattern is always the same. Young women trying to grow up too fast, experimenting with things that only led to unfulfilled dreams and broken hearts… You have the perfect opportunity to get your life together right now, don’t waste that opportunity because you never know how many second chances you’ll get in life.

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