Self-control and Putting in the Work

Each of us in RISE UP! knows that prison is a horrible place to spend your life and we want more for you. Not much good happens in prison and you need to know that you’re in a very fortunate position in that you can make those changes now before you’re in a situation like ours. Your future can and will be amazing if you put the work in. I think the most important thing for you to do is practice self-control. You have to learn to control yourself when things start to spiral out of control. The measure of a man is his ability to conduct himself as such. You know the issues that you deal with poorly; self-control means working on those areas of your life so that they don’t set you up for failure. You can do it! Every single person in RISE UP! believes in you. Our only goal when we write to you guys is to get you to see that your choices matter; you can achieve anything you want in life if you’re willing to practice self-control and put in the work. Each of you has potential and the only person who’ll keep you from reaching it is you. Remember to keep your head up.


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