Sometimes there’s sunshine,
Other days there’s Northwest rain.
In some ways it’s all predictable,
And yet in others it’s all untamed.
I wake and work and eat and sleep
And then wake to do it all again.
And when I wake I fight in vain
To keep the battles fought within.
Warehoused within these confining walls
Working through the answers as my conscience calls,
Knowing sometimes sunshine bright at first can dim immensely as it falls.
And as the rain blots out the sky
And prison calls my name,
My sorrow cries out for forgiveness
In humbleness and shame.
7,150 days imprisoned
Never forgetting what I’ve done,
Intense regret for the pain inflicted
Blinding tears fading out the sun.
See, sometimes there’s sunshine,
And other days there’s Northwest rain,
7,150 days imprisoned on a lonely nowhere bound train.
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