Overcoming Boredom

One of the worst feelings I have in prison is being bored. Even with all of the excitement that most see on TV, the truth is most of us spend many hours sitting in our cells with not much to do. I have been fortunate to find ways to get involved with programs. One of my struggles when I was in High School was being bored, I grew up in small town and I always felt like I was missing out on something more exciting. I watched TV and movies and thought that my life just wasn’t exciting enough. Now I wish I could have found positive ways to get involved in my community and school. If you feel bored at times, seek out ways in which you can make your community better. Movies glamorize the “fast” life, I encourage you to make the lives of those around you better, this is not boring, but hard work and it takes many hours to get it done. Best of luck!


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