The Power to Change

I’ve always marveled at how we can struggle with authority and yet through our actions create an environment where we have to deal with authority every moment of every day rather than get past the little things that would allow us to have more freedom over our daily choices. Getting out of gangs is tough and especially in the prison system where everybody knows everybody. It can be done however it takes you to stand up for yourself and make your own way. RISE UP! I was always taught to try, try again. I’ve found that it takes a different set of circumstances, different amounts of time, and lots and lots of effort in order to change old behaviors. But it is so worth it to change and the character to develop through making that transition can really shape you into an amazing person. Greatest of all is when you get to the point of being able to give back! That really feels good and if you pay attention, you can often do that even while you yourself are still working towards that goal of being successful. Finding outlets to express yourself can be extremely important, exercise instead of fighting, running, lifting weights, etc. Try to be positive and stay active, that’s my advice. And don’t give up!


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  1. Macey says:

    I enjoyed readiing your post


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