Listen to Yourself

I started using drugs at a very young age and I remember at the age of 14 thinking that I was too young to use a needle for meth but once I turned 15, I figured it would be okay. That kind of thinking, justification, caused a lot of very bad choices in my life. I mostly used to fit in however convinced myself that it was something that I enjoyed doing. I was raised to believe that drinking was okay and that smoking pot was also acceptable, however these things needed to be used responsibly. I found that I could not and should not use drugs, as I couldn’t do so “responsibly” as was suggested of me. I don’t believe that at my age of drug use, responsible was something that I could really understand, even though I certainly thought I could!

Be patient and work hard, but do it for you. Life lived thoughtfully and with positive goals is extremely important to success. Also, it can be of great help to find someone or multiple people that you can talk to. It takes trust to earn trust, reach out and take risks with those you think that you can count on. Remember that much can be learned through listening yourself as well. Keep your head up!


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