I remember how badly I wanted attention from my dad. He is an alcoholic and in all of my childhood memories I always see him with a can of beer. He was larger than life, a hulk of a man, he was a butcher by trade and I wanted to be just like him. Sadly, he was never that interested in my life; he drank, passed out and went to work. At the age of 12 I began to rebel against him and I found myself the focus of his anger. You see my mom had me when she was only 16 I wasn’t planned and she reminded me of that often. I finally got the courage to confront their behavior towards me and my little brother only to come home the next day and find 4 Orange boxes full of my clothes and all I owned. I was on my way to my grandparents that night. I’m 38 years old and haven’t seen my father in over 22 years! My mother doesn’t see me in here and still battles with addiction. All my life I wanted to be accepted and loved by my mom and dad. Seeking that attention from my friends caused me to make terrible choices. I realize now that I didn’t need their love, my grandparents loved me, my aunt and uncles loved me, and my teachers loved me. I didn’t trust the adults in my life. Think about the adults in your life and spend time with the ones who truly love you.


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